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When entire teams tap into these reports (from Royal Crown Diamond to Stars) – growth momentum will surge.

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What is Oily Reports?

Oily Reports is cloud based reporting for your Young Living business. 

There are three categories of reports (month end hustle, team, and encouragement).  These three types of reports will help you make more money, beat the month end hustle, and understand your team.

The reports helps you make MORE money, as compared to calculating HOW MUCH money you make.

Oily Reports does the hard work – mining your team’s data to find business opportunities on your behalf.  In the business world, this is called “Business Intelligence” – working smarter.  Access instant leads to quickly increase sales within your team.

The 3 Report Types

There are golden business opportunities hidden within your virtual office – waiting to help you achieve your business goals.  3 Types of Oily Reports will help you and your team grow to its full potential.


1.  Work Smarter with 12 “Month End Hustle” Reports

You oversee all of your team member’s Young Living needs as they are under your care.  A smart way to simplify this process is by putting labels on your team members – helping you identify how they need to best be cared for and find easy PV increases when you need them the most.

Each label helps you quickly see how to follow up with that team member best.  Don't worry, we'll also give you simple ideas of you might respond to each member label with tips from The Bloom Collective's Tim and Christina Adam (Bonus Training Videos).

The Month End Hustle Report uses an innovative dual-filtered & multi-filtered algorithm to help you quickly identify the outlier members for these 12 team member labels that need attention before every month end.  

Do you know who your Eager Oilers (newer members with higher PV) or Tentative Oilers (newer members with lower PV) are and how to best follow up with them?


Who are the team members that are most likely to increase their ER PV - Increasers (Uses ER PV & has a higher PV to ER PV ratio)?  What team members are most likely to start using ER - Starters (Does not use ER PV & higher last order PV)?


Who are your members that are Ready for PV Assistant (Uses autoship, does not user PV assistant & higher OGV) or those that are Promo Missers (Members with ER PV nearest to but not greater than 190, 250, or 300)?

Who in your team are Overdue Big Spenders (Older last order dates & higher last order PV) or Hesitating Oilers (Older last order date & lower last order PV)?  Make sure team members aren't forgotten.


Have you followed up appropriately for all of your Skeptical Oilers (Newer members with 0 PV) and Second Chance Oilers (Older members with no last order date)?


Do you know all of your leaders that are Achievers (Ranked up recently & higher OGV) or Strugglers (Off of their peak rank & higher OGV)?  Don't miss an opportunity to support and encourage your team!


The labels create a simple “to-do” list for customer care follow-ups – helping you feel confident that you have covered your customer’s needs for the month.  Encourage your leaders to also view their month end hustle report so they achieve all the growth potential available to them each month.

Do the month-end hustle with solid business intelligence data behind your actions.  Use this report to also help you plan activities for the next month.


The Rank Up Report  helps you quickly and in one glance identify those individuals within your team that might be close to ranking up or might accidentally miss out on their commissions by not hitting the 100 PV or 1,000 PGV requirements.  Reach out to these team members and help them rank up and not miss out on higher earnings.

Don’t throw away BIG growth opportunities by not looking at these simple yet powerful reports.


2.  Visualize Your Team and Keep It Healthy with 6 Team Reports

A challenge of network marketing is being able to “see” what your team really looks like.  Team Visualizations let you see your entire team’s PV by member or network relationships at a glance while monitoring key health stats.  (It’s also an easy way to show potential business builders what network marketing really looks like and IS NOT in the shape of a pyramid).



Note:  These reports are all interactive, when you click on the data or filters, all the data responds instantly – by name, level, rank & more!

Doctors gather data about your health (temperature, blood pressure, eye sight, reflexes, weight, height, body mass index, blood work, x-rays, etc).  You are responsible for the health of your team and need indicators to monitor your team’s health.
See how healthy your team is by level to identify underserved team members.  Training videos will help you understand what these health indicators mean and how to set goals and improve them.


Monitor the health of your team by rank, too:


ER & PV indicators are the essence of healthy teams, drill down to see what’s really happening:


Visually keep an eye on your top 6 legs:


The Team Reports help you slice and dice your team in every way imaginable while monitoring 5 health indicators – helping you set real business goals that can be monitored clearly.  The Team Health Slicer Report identifies problem areas and helps you set clear and measureable business goals for you and your team.


You can finally understand what’s happening at all levels of your team!

4.  Team Encouragement Image Reports


You know the life of Young Living business growth happens daily through private Facebook groups, so now you can easily share six image & mini reports with your team to celebrate wins, encourage each other, and clearly communicate future team goals.


Professional. Practical.  Simple.

Growing your business, making more money, and achieving your goals is EXCITING!

Oily reports helps your business grow faster!  Start using Oily Reports today.