• How does Oily Reports work?
    1. Signup and register.
    2. Sign on to your Virtual Office Account and download and save your Downline Viewer file (watch this video for details:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQzVZv0Ptew).
    3. Upload your csv file to Oily Reports.  View your reports!
    It's super easy to receive professional business reporting! :)
  • Can I see an example report?
    Yes, the images on the about page are what the report would look like for a Platinum rank member.
  • Can I pay annualy?
    At this time, only a monthly subscription is available.
  • Can I gift an Oily Reports subscription to a team member within my downline?

    Yes.  You will simply signup, create an account, and pay monthly on their behalf.  Simply click on “Signup” on the oilyreports.com menu.  On the “Register for Oily Reports” page, enter their first and last name, their email address, their YL Member ID, create a password for them, and click register.  Enter your credit card information to pay on their behalf.  Give them their password and inform them that they can login to Oily Reports with the email address you created their account with.  Please note that any payment or account related emails will be sent to their email address and you will be charged monthly for their access until they cancel the account or you login to their account and cancel the subscription.

  • Is my data safe and secure?
    Yes.  None of your data is stored on the Oily Reports website.  The report you view temporarily resides on Microsoft’s secure cloud - just as if you viewed your csv file on Google Sheet's cloud or Microsoft Excel's cloud services.  This fortress of data security and technology is used by thousands of global businesses and over 5 million users because of its extreme data protection, defensive safeguards, and data shields. Your customer data is your personal business property that is necessary for you to run a successful business and is private and never shared or accessible to others.  Your reports and payment pages are transmitted over a secure https (encrypted) connection.  Viewing your report is just as secure as when you view your csv file on your own computer/device.  Also, the data that creates your report is not directly linked to Young Living's systems or databases like other mobile apps that utilize API - Oily Reports merely calculates a report from the csv file you have always had access to run your business - using technologies similar to if you were to simply generate your own reports using a spreadsheet (just with more ease and bells/whistles).  Your credit card information flows directly to our payment gateway which is PCI compiant.
  • Can I cancel my monthly subscription?
    Yes, you can cancel anytime and will immediately lose access to your reporting capabilities by clicking the “delete” button within the reporting page.
  • Who’s behind Oily Reports?
    Timothy & Christina Adam (Platinum – Bloom Collective) & Jason Malinak (Report Wizard) are the creators of the reports. 

    Oily Reports is not affiliated with Young Living Essential Oils.  It's your team data - Oily Reports helps you view your data in a new & beneficial ways.
  • Does Oily Reports work on desktop, mobile, or personal devices?
    Yes, Oily Report works on all devices.  We prefer to use Oily Reports while on our desktop or larger personal devices since it is easier to interact and view all of the reporting details while using a larger screen.  Mobile device users benefit from clicking on the "expand" button for each graph on any report page to make that graph larger.
  • How do I reset my password?

    Click the Login menu link on Oily Reports, click the blue “Forgot password?” hyperlink underneath the green sign in button.  Enter the email address you used to register for Oily Reports.  You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.  Don’t see the email?  Please check your junk email folder.

  • How can I best stay connected with what's Oily Report news and updates?

    Connect with Oily Reports on the public Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/oilyreports/

    Connect with Oily Reports on the private Facebook group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/OilyReports/

  • Other questions? Need help with your account?
    Send us an email:  oilyreports@gmail.com